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Spirit Quest's Ghost Quest

Haunted Old Town Spring

The Spirit Quest Center

Chris & Ginger Pennell

240 Noble Street

Spring (Old Town Spring, Tx


(832) 797-1888



A Walking Ghost Tour

of Old Town Spring, Texas

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  Below are actual pictures taken on our tours. The pictures are mostly in their original format except a few have been lightened so that you can see them better.

 If you've been on our tour and would like to submit your pics or your story, please email us at spiritquestassociates@yahoo.com. We'd love to include you here!

Be sure to check back often. We'll update this page frequently as pics, video and stories are sent to us. 


    On Friday night, Janette got these interesting pics...

The dowsing rods were going crazy this night! Lots of activity around town.


A nice, bright white orb hanging in the trees on the left above the fence, checking us out!

    The Old Town Spring Post Office, is always active! See the orb to the right of the door and just above the grass line?
    There seems to be someone hanging around the same area, different nights. Here's Friday night - taken by Janette. See the orb on the street to the right of the center of the X? And here's Saturday night, taken by Jolena P. The orb is to the right of the white line.

Jolena P. also shared these with us...

One of the tour participants was video taping a strange looking figure moving back and forth in this dark alley way. Jolena walked back there to take a pic. We're still working on the video to see if we can pull it out enough to be seen on the computer. At the same time the video camera was taping, Jolena picked up these orbs with her camera. They are very faint and low to the ground. More alley way orbs above the family. Look up, guys!


Chelsea W. sent us a few of her pics from this Saturday night tour:


Our first stop was beautiful, old and spooky White Hall. Legend has it that when the doves coo, the ghosts are active. Sure enough, Chelsea got these orbs.



Kourtney, our psychic medium who accompanies us on the tour, talks about the Gardener who's passed on. He loves to tend the garden here and have his work admired. It was no surprise to see that Chelsea got a big, beautiful orb in this spot. See it on the roofline to the left of the white gate?!

Chelsea got this fantastic picture where we talk about the spirits who rise from the ground. This picture was exceptionally good because it showed the orbs coming from the ground up and not only that, the orbs are captured BEHIND the greenery!! Rare to capture this phenomena!!
Here's a great pic of colored and dense orbs!
Not only were the tour participants listening to Chris talk about the ghost legends, looks like there was someone else interested in hearing the stories as well! See the orb peeking from behind the tree?


Sabra W. sent us these very interesting pics:
Sabra found what looks like energy lines running through this pic of psychic Kourtney as she was trying to make contact with the spirits. Very strange - all the different colors. What could they be? A nice, bright orb, again in the same garden area as in the photo above where the "Gardener" likes to hang out! Two people catching what could be the same orb with different cameras - very exciting!

  November 1, 2009


We've always known there's a few friendly ghosts who hang around our place, The Spirit Quest Center, but after we started up the ghost tours, paranormal activity has picked up dramatically! The ghosts have begun to make sure we know they are here. We love it! The ghosts here are fun, friendly, playful - they like to play tricks, and they are also very protective of all who work here and all who come through the door.


The next morning after our Oct. 31st Saturday night ghost tour, Naomi, one of our center's practitioners, came in to work. Her arms full, she managed to unlock her office door. Naomi was distracted with finding a place to set down her bags and when she went to throw her sweater over the back of her chair, she noticed the chair was not in its usual place.  She then realized, to her amused and amazed surprise, the chair she'd been reaching for was instead on TOP OF THE TABLE!!!


Naomi quickly came back downstairs and asked me if

anyone else had a key to her office. "No, why?" I asked. Naomi had a puzzled look on her face and she said, "Come up to my office and take a look at this!" When we reached the top of the stairs, I looked in her office and immediately, chills ran down my spine. The energy coming from the room was incredible! I looked at Naomi, "Wow!!" Naomi also experienced the wall of energy we'd walked into. She said she doesn't get chills often, but we were both feeling them at that point!

It takes a LOT of energy for a spirit to be able to move even the smallest item, much less, pick up a chair, turn it to face a wall and set it on a table. It was definitely a sight to see! After further investigation, we found that Naomi's office has a large box of electrical wires connected to her outside wall. A GREAT place for spirits to gather up the energy they need to move around AND to move things!

Bijia, one of The Spirit Quest Center's practitioners, went into Naomi's room to see if he could feel a difference in energies in the room. In the area where he's standing, he noticed a distinct chill coming from the bookcase area.

He told us that he'd noticed earlier that morning that he too had a strange occurrence in his office, which is directly below Naomi's. One of three tangerines he'd placed on his altar in his office had rolled off and landed on the floor overnight. More paranormal manipulation? Who knows. But fun to figure out!

Janette and Kourtney, two more Spirit Quest practitioners, came to see what was going on and were quite amazed! No one had a key to Naomi's office and everyone was thrilled to see the spirits here in action! We're keeping our eyes out for more paranormal happenings around the building and we're also trying a few experiments around the place to see if we can get more interaction from the spirits. We'll keep you posted!


  November 9, 2009:
    They're still Heeeere!! 

Bijia was holding his "Way of the Wok" class this past Sunday when we snapped a picture of him creating a delicious dish. Looks like someone wanted to help cook! See the BIG orb right on top of the wok??

    Jane H. Sent in these pictures from her tour night:


We had a very active night this tour night, especially where the gardener and the courting couple hang out!





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